Laser Marking ( CNC Laser Marking )

An employee running a laser marking machine in the Habco Tool & Development factory

We use a non-contact laser process to etch sharp images on a variety of materials and finishes. Contact us if you need an industrial product identified or marked in any way.

Capabilities »

  • Any number of applications, including logos, text, barcodes, parts serialization, graphics, tags, product identification and more.
  • Ability to laser etch anodized surfaces, aluminum, stainless steels, carbon steels, chromed surfaces, and some plastics.
  • Images and logos reproduced utilizing .BMP images or .DXF files (as provided by the customer).
  • Highly legible text images produced from the smallest size of 532″ to a maximum size of 10″
  • Logos or symbols clearly reproduced ranging from 18″ to 10″ in size.